Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Today, the Mysterious Benedict Society's third full day of classes, S.Q.'s lesson had been called "Personal Hygiene:  Unavoidable Dangers and What Must Be Done to Avoid Them."  Like all the lessons at the Institute, this one was a barrage of details - pages and pages worth - but the gist was that sickness, like a hungry predator, lurked in every nook and cranny.  Every touchable surface was a disease waiting to happen, every speck of dust an allergen poised to swell your nose and clog your ducts, every toothbrush bristle a bacterial playground.  On and on it went, and all of it greatly exaggerated, Reynie thought, though not entirely untrue.  What made the lesson so confusing was the "logical confusion" S.Q. said must be drawn:  Because it was impossible, in the end, to protect yourself from anything - no matter how hard you tried - it was important to try as hard as you could to protect youself from everything."

- The Mysterious Benedict Society