Friday, April 27, 2007

Feathered Friends

Here are some pictures from a trip to a poultry show that was held at our local fairgrounds. I remember the first time we started looking at breeds of chickens for our own backyard flock - I was amazed at the variety of sizes and colors - take a look....

Yes - there are eyes under there somewhere! I love the tail on this next fellow - he's a smaller breed - a Japanese Bantam -

No - this next one isn't a road runner - it really is a rooster - a small game breed.

I like these breeds that look like each feather is outlined -

And of course the quintessential Little Red Hen-One more - this breed makes especially good setters - and are aptly named Silkies -

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm sure you can guess this cheese!

The tradition in our family has always been to have an out door Easter egg hunt - now in past years we have been worried about eggs getting a little too warm - not this year!

Couldn't the Easter Hare deliver eggs inside? Of course not! It's tradition!!!

I can hardly believe that these pictures were taken the Tuesday before Easter Sunday - I feel like I haven't been warm since!
But surely these warm days will return again? Preferable sooner rather than later.

We are so ready to start a daily morning walk again around the lake - what treasures will we find this year? We'll keep you posted!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

This moss garden is very easy to make. I took a large terra cotta saucer and on a walk through the woods near our home I collected different varieties of moss and a few stones. The three crosses are made with twigs and a bit of red embroidery floss. Simply keep the moss well moistened.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Well, it began with the squeak in the laundry followed by the screech from the 12 year-old followed by the scrambling for a container.

This little mouse had several nursemaids to administer drops of milk and tuck it's blankie around it when it squirmed out from under it's coverings.

Of course this is all quite absurd - we have two cats - that we have any mice in the house at all is absurd! We also have several mousetraps set - and not the "have-a-heart" kind the heartless kind! And yet look what happens when four tender-hearted children and their mother find a squeaking mouse in the laundry room.

The poor creature did not live through the night and was taken outside and "buried" under a pile of leaves and rocks.

I hope I have many more absurd moments in my life!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I remember when my girls were young, I would look longingly through a catalog that featured cedar swing sets with all kinds of features....or I would explore the variety of lovely outdoor play houses some even bedecked with Victorian trim. We were not in the position to make such an extravagant expense - and looking back I am so glad.

Instead the children have found their favorite places to explore, play, and create for themselves. The large pines that line our property have become a house over the years complete with a kitchen, living room, bedrooms etc... The pines also provide ample climbing opportunities to heights much higher than any built towers.

They have created their own seesaws out of stumps and long planks of wood. In fact the only out door play space we have constructed is a large sandbox.

And the latest creation?

Using the beam that supports Mama's air chair my 10 year-old took a rope, a plank of wood, and a blanket and created a swing of their own- as you can see.....