Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here's our oldest daughter and Dad out on a fishing trip. Fishing in December? I was skeptical. When they got home my husband asked me to remind him next year that even a mild December is still December. They were on the beach by late afternoon and stayed all night.

Me : Did you have a good time?

Daughter: Yes, it was great!

Me: Would you do it again?

Daughter: In this temperature - no way!
This is Hannah's skate - the biggest they caught - this one was brought home for dinner - well it turned out to be more of an appetizer but the fillet from the wing cooked with a little butter and lemon was not too bad. Of course they were looking to bring home a nice big striper but the biggest was about 3 inches shy of the length requirement.

Hannah enjoyed the foxes yipping in the dark and tried to make them out in the dark but here's a paw print they found once daylight came

Nature study at its finest!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Donna,

It looks like a wonderful day. I adore the beach in winter as it is so peaceful and deserted.

Bravo on your new blog!