Monday, March 05, 2007

Here's another view of Mother Earth (scroll down to see the whole scene) with her root children all tucked around her. On her arm are the flowers' spring dresses and a particularly small "seed baby" is cradled in her other arm. This time of year brings our thoughts to gardens and the coming of spring. These figures are inspired by one of our favorite stories "The Story of the Root Children". This Mother Earth figure has seen better days but is still much anticipated by all the children each spring and fall (when she welcomes all the flowers home again). I am also very sentimental about her as she is the first wrapped wool figure I ever made.

In our house, our little nook is called the Festival Table and through the year I may highlight a particular Feast day or season of the liturgical year (hence the purple cloths) or a story that seems to suit the season reflected in the world outside - or a combination of all three! This is also the place where any small treasures found outside may be displayed. My tip - although many folks adorn their tables with silk cloths (which do look lovely) I have always used less expensive pieces of cotton cloth and I especially like burlap for the table top covering. This way I have no fear of candle wax and can pin items to the back drop without fear of ruining a piece of silk. Besides - I would much rather see the silk cloths used for play and dress up - or for silk marionette puppets.


Nissa said...

Oh, Donna - what wonderful felted dolls! You should do a tutorial!

Aliadelaide said...

Yes I'll second that. Please tell us how you made these gorgeous dolls!

Donna said...

Thank you so much - I will try to post a simple bird this weekend - the photo option seems to be on the blink at the moment :(