Friday, August 06, 2010

A Seaweed Sunday

Can you tell we've had a bit of trouble with weeds in the lake this year?  Generally the weeds are kept down by lowering the lake in the winter to allow cold temperatures to kill off some of the weeds.   We have all kinds of theories as to why the weed growth is so bad this year -

Very warm temperatures?
Too little rain?
Muskrats nibbling the weeds so more float to the top?
Some combination?

Or maybe it is some kind of cycle - when my husband and I first drove back and saw the little lake - which was very near the little house we were about to buy - we thought eeww - no one could possibly swim in THAT!  The little body of water was choked with large mats of weeds.  But we quickly found out that the lake is generally very clear and great to swim in.

We use the lake a lot and don't mind giving it a little extra TLC this year.  You wouldn't believe the amount of weeds being taken out of that lake right now - and not just by us - other neighbors are taking turns on weed patrol as well.

The photos are from a Sunday a few weeks ago when we were all actually home - together - for the whole day!  Late in the afternoon the whole family launched kayaks and armed themselves with rakes.  I took charge of the wheelbarrow and transported barrels-full of weeds to a near by spot where we dump leaves.  Everyone helped - willingly even - and had fun!  Strange way to spend a Sunday afternoon but somehow it worked.

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