Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Who needs haunted houses when you have a dad who calls his 14 year old daughter to the door and scares the life out her with this beast...

This is a beautiful 15lb striped bass that Ed brought home for dinner.  It is not so beautiful when you don't expect to find its gaping mouth greeting you at the door.

Here is as about as gruesome as we get on Halloween -

The stomach contents of the bass. 
 We were all pretty amazed at how many little sand eels this fish ate! 

We are usually much more into cute on Halloween.....

I really hated to admit it but Aidan was a very cute Wizard and he will not be happy that I said so!

Our handsome Robin Hood. 

The ever adventurous Pipi Longstocking.

A mischievous cat. 

 There was a great debate over who was cuter - Hannah or Mewster.   Mewster is the perfect looking Halloween cat who needs no costume.

The original mischievous cat!

Thanks to a well stocked dress up box and bits and pieces from Halloween's past - the only thing we bought new this year was a black shirt for Hannah's cat.  We were also grateful for the loan of the Wizard hat.

Halloween 2010

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