Thursday, April 05, 2007

Well, it began with the squeak in the laundry followed by the screech from the 12 year-old followed by the scrambling for a container.

This little mouse had several nursemaids to administer drops of milk and tuck it's blankie around it when it squirmed out from under it's coverings.

Of course this is all quite absurd - we have two cats - that we have any mice in the house at all is absurd! We also have several mousetraps set - and not the "have-a-heart" kind the heartless kind! And yet look what happens when four tender-hearted children and their mother find a squeaking mouse in the laundry room.

The poor creature did not live through the night and was taken outside and "buried" under a pile of leaves and rocks.

I hope I have many more absurd moments in my life!

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