Friday, April 27, 2007

Feathered Friends

Here are some pictures from a trip to a poultry show that was held at our local fairgrounds. I remember the first time we started looking at breeds of chickens for our own backyard flock - I was amazed at the variety of sizes and colors - take a look....

Yes - there are eyes under there somewhere! I love the tail on this next fellow - he's a smaller breed - a Japanese Bantam -

No - this next one isn't a road runner - it really is a rooster - a small game breed.

I like these breeds that look like each feather is outlined -

And of course the quintessential Little Red Hen-One more - this breed makes especially good setters - and are aptly named Silkies -

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Nissa said...

Beautiful chickies, Donna! God did such a good job making birds!