Monday, April 07, 2008

Our Morning Walk

Mondays...ahhh....Mondays. There always seems to be a bit of an adjustment after the weekend. We did not manage to get out the door until 10:00am! But on our walk we did find some new discoveries for our Botany study and the girls and I each "adopted" a branch to sketch through spring. I also started Christian's Mass Book for his First Holy Communion this morning and read a couple of chapters from our current read aloud before we left the house - so we've accomplished quite a bit already!

We had started down our usual route along the dam of our small neighborhood lake when Katie said to me "Oh Mama - look you can see our Fort". Wow - this is just one of many "forts" that have been built over the years. This one, it turns out, has been an on again off again joint project with some friends since January! I had no idea. I know of other "forts" but this one took me by surprise!

I can only laugh now at how I used to longingly gaze at catalogs that included everything from petite playhouses to large cedar swing sets. But over the years I have come to see the hidden blessings in not having too many outdoor play structures..especially in an area such as ours where there are so many opportunities for the children to find or build their own "houses". Excuse me - forts - there is a big difference you know!

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