Monday, April 05, 2010

Island on the road....Day 3

Saturday was the last stretch of driving through North Carolina, South Carolina, and a bit of Georgia before we reached sunny Florida!  We were very grateful that the weather was pleasant and the children all traveled very well.  I passed the time getting ready for Easter morning in a pop-up camper.  I wasn't sure your typical Easter baskets would travel very well so instead I printed out some paper baskets from The Toymaker

I printed a bunny basket for each child.  For the girls I chose the pretty little egg basket from the same page and for the boys I picked put the Chocolate truck.  I printed them before we left, along with tape, scissors, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and thread.  When I had all the baskets cut out I started making butterflies.

We rolled into the campground around 7:00pm.  We are pretty good at setting camp up quickly and we were all settled by bedtime.  The children were tired from traveling and went to sleep quickly.  I set up a little corner of the camper for Easter morning.

A surprise waiting for the children

But I know the big question on Aidan's mind as he difted off to sleep...would the Easter Hare find us in Florida??  We'll see!

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