Thursday, April 01, 2010

We're almost ready.....

Well...sort of...there's still the actual business of getting everything into the pop-up camper but we are getting there.  I am trying not to dwell on what we will be missing here at home as we attempt to take our road trip in these last days of Holy Week.   I did recently purchase Lingua Angelica which has selections that are appropriate for Holy Thursday through Easter.  I also have The Beloved Son to play as well.  Of course I'll try to sneak in some of these selections between listening to stories on CD. We are well armed to battle the many hours of driving with  -

Book 2 of this series we started on a different trip

and Book 3

These should be good for about 25 hours of driving time and just in case..we've got one more The Hobbit.

And speaking of being armed and ready, apparently Aidan has big plans for our trip to Florida, here are the items on his very own packing list -

(I think it is a leopard, I suspect Aidan thinks of him as his own personal Hobbes)
Wind up LED lanterns
Circle-a-word book
sketch pad
And last but not least.....
his turtle back pack

Upon examing the contents of the backpack this is what I found:

Aidan's alligator catching kit

Yes, Aidan plans to catch himself an alligator,  hence the need for a large carabineer and old clothesline.  The screwdriver is in case he loses the key to the alligator's cage.  The caution tape is in case the alligator escapes.  And of course the small tape measure is to measure his alligator. 

The other items are simply what any boy might need to enjoy any trip - a harmonica, cars, flashlights, pencil, and a phone.  After negotiations (as in Mama saying "No, you can not bring that") we decided that the broken flashlight and old hand held house phone would stay home.

Back to packing....

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