Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Snowy Days.....

We usually get to have Papa home with us and that almost always means something good will be happening in the kitchen. 

On our first snowy day, Papa made simply must try to make fresh donuts sometime in your life preferably when you have children home to enjoy their lip smacking goodness.  And please if you can manage to get some good quality lard, do use it, that is our preferred fat for frying.  This time around, Ed and the children got adventurous with some new shapes....

Donut Men

The donut recipe we use is from the Wooden Spoon Bread Book.   We like to make some with a lemon glaze and others with a chocolate glaze.   You must have at least one of both.  And although we didn't make them this time, my favorite are filled with orange marmalade and glazed with chocolate - so good.

Today we had Papa home for another snow day and we even got the call last night; so before he went  to bed he put up a starter for homemade bagels.

Starter after sitting overnight

Risen dough

Shaping the bagels

                                                    Bagels are boiled in water
After boiling they are glazed with egg whites and toppings are added.

Finally they are baked in oven and ready to eat.

We use the bagel recipe from The Bread Bible which is probably our most used bread reference book.  It even goes camping with us!

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Marisa said...

How wonderful! I made donuts too, except I cheated and used canned biscuit dough, then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.