Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Tree Tour

When we first moved into our little house over 14 years ago we didn't have much.  In fact, we brought the large green outdoor picnic table inside to serve as a dining room table. worked.  There wasn't a lot of money for extra things, many times even a box of ornaments seemed outside the budget, especially when I could certainly make some of my own.

I had a box scrap fabric including a a rather large collection of old fabric samples from my grandmother.  I remember as a child being fascinated by the little swatches that came in the mail - I enjoyed the feel of the different textures and picked out my favorite colors and patterns.

That first Christmas in our little house - remember sitting up in bed after our toddler, Hannah, was asleep and cutting and stitching a few ornaments each night.  I so enjoyed making them - and I was pleased that I wouldn't have to worry about them breaking or having sharp edges for little fingers.  That was when I had the idea to create a completely baby proof Christmas tree - there was not a thing on our tree that could break or would be harmful to a young child.  I have no more worries about little tiny fingers, but I still use those simple handmade ornaments every year...

Each year I would try add a new handmade ornament to the of my favorites are these woolly angels that I have also had for years - the wool sticks very easily to the needles - no hooks or hangers required.  Each year these angels are among the last touches to our tree.

Very soon, I had children who wanted to make ornaments too.  We made a bunch of these Angels last year for a Christmas Bizarre at our sister parish.  We kept a couple for our own tree.

This year we have some of the things leftover from our own attempt at a craft sale.  In total we made about $200 towards Katie's trip to Europe.   And we have some new ornaments for our tree!
Here is the tree this touches complete with new beeswax candles waiting to be lit after Mass this evening!
Merry Christmas!

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