Thursday, April 14, 2011

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A Mary garden waking

A warm spring day with Calvin, Hobbes, and Ted

What is this?  It's in my garden, why can't I remember what this is?

Still quite a bit of clean up waiting to be done from this year's maple syrup production.


Leila said...

I'm jealous of the maple syrup! :)

Jennie C. said...

Oooh! You make maple syrup?!

Donna Jannuzzi said...

:) My oldest calls it "makle" syrup. He'd love to make his own; he's kind of obsessed with the idea. Alas, we live in Southern California, and that is so not happening around here.

Christina said...

I'm pretty sure those spikes coming out of the ground are hosta. Is there usually a big leafy plant there that enjoys the shade? I'd put my money down on hosta.

Donna said...

Yes! Thank you Christina, they are hostas!

Amy said...

What is a Mary garden?