Thursday, May 05, 2011

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A Mary garden blooming!

The first dozen eggs from our hens!

Ahh.... just one of the many the reasons why I never seem to have time to blog....first we had a Confirmation, then Easter, now Aidan's First Holy Communion is coming up Saturday.  Now the funny thing about this suit is that Aidan even wanted it...actually insisted on it.  This is the boy who does not like pants to fall below his ankle bones...this is the boy who writhes in pain when you put a collared shirt on him....this is the boy who needs to have each shoe tied to the same pressure.  I just washed the shirt...let's hope I am still smiling when we put the whole ensemble on him later today!

The basket of winter woolens that I WILL pack away today!

 I'm adding a quick addendum - I did go to finally pack away the winter things and look what I found....

round button chicken


Mrs. Fordyce said...

Lovely eggs! How nice to have your own, they are so much better than store boughten!

Briana said...

Fresh eggs are so yummy and I love the variety of colors. Congrats on first communion.

Holly@ThreeSidedWheel said...

Oh, fresh eggs! Yum!