Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Embrace wonder

The day was passing quickly.  Already going on 3:00pm and I hadn't yet ventured outside to collect the moss for our little water garden that I put together each New Year's Eve.  To tell the truth I thought about skipping it.  No one had asked about the little walnut boats...but I asked Aidan if he wanted to walk with me and collect some moss. 

This is one of his favorite family traditions.  He eagerly dressed for the chilly day and armed with a large metal spoon for prying up some moss and a box under my arm to hold our little harvest we set out.  We walked across the dusty dirt road to the path that leads down to a small field.  The forecast told us that soon the path would be covered with snow and by Friday there would be sleigh riding!  Once across the small field we climbed down to the stream which these days is barely a trickle.  Here we find the moss, but without any snow and the sudden freezing temperatures most of the moss was frozen in place.  We found some moss covered stones that were just the right size.   Large snowflakes began to fall as we walked up to the lake to find the spot where the reindeer moss grows.  We reached the lake where the snowflakes were now coming fast and furious and dusting the mostly frozen lake. There was barely a cloud in the sky.  Snowflakes in sunshine.  Aidan exclaimed the beauty if it.  We stopped and took in the wonder of it.  I might have missed it. 

Earlier this week I chose a word for 2014 - EMRACE.  Already I am finding layers of meaning and inspiration.  If I hadn't embraced this little family tradition I would have missed snowflakes in sunshine.  I would have missed little candle lights flickering upon the water.  

Hello 2014, we are going to have a great year.

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