Friday, January 03, 2014

The Difference a Day Makes



These days just after the New Year are a little strange, aren't they?   January 1st is a time when I want to put new plans into action, start the new year on the right foot and EMBRACE (my word for 2014)  all that the new year has to offer.  And yet...our Christmas tree resides in our home until the Epiphany; I am still trying to live in the quiet magic of the twelve days of Christmas.  My first attempt to get back to a more everyday routine yesterday was anything but what I had envisioned.  It's ok.  We had a beginning.   And now today we have been gifted a day of snow with  hubby home again.  We stayed burrowed under blankets while the house warmed up.  We had a leisurely morning with a late big breakfast of waffles with steamy blueberries swimming in hot maple syrup and slices of fried ham on the side.  We shoveled snow and replenished the birdseed ornaments on our tree for the birds. 

All in all a good start for the Tenth Day of Christmas and the Third Day of January.  The noon hour has come and I'll be watching for the birds, sipping hot tea, perusing my new books, reading aloud to the boys...and just taking in what the day brings.

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