Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Daybook

Outside my back door window.....I can just see our young chickens who are big enough to be out and about now.  Aidan helped Papa fix up the old chicken run for them.  He turned to Ed and said "Papa, I want our chickens to be happy."

I am thinking about the wonder of these words that were said as part of the The Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens  this past Sunday -

Receive the sign of the cross on your forehead.
It is Christ himself who now strengthens you with this sign of his love. Learn to know and follow him.
Receive the sign of the cross on your ears, that you may hear the voice of the Lord.
Receive the sign of the cross on your eyes,that you may see the glory of God.
Receive the sign of the cross on your lips, that you may respond to the word of God.
Receive the sign of the cross over your heart, that Christ may dwell there by faith.
Receive the sign of the cross on your shoulders, that you may bear the gentle yoke of Christ.
Receive the sign of the cross on your hands, that Christ may be known in the work which you do.
Receive the sign of the cross on your feet, that you may walk in the way of Christ.

I am thankful many things but I have been thinking lately of all the things I do appreciate about our parish - it is all too easy to see the things one doesn't like or would like to see change...but what a gift to count the blessings.

From the learning rooms....Thanksgiving fun this week...and we'll be happy to have Papa home with us for a few extra days.

I am wearing...a black corduroy skirt that is now covered with every bit of fuzz from the house. 

I am creating....order out of last week's crafting chaos.  Was it worth it? comment.  Here's a few pics of my table -

My table

Felted mice and knitted kittens

Rose hip elf

Wax and Beeswax Ornaments

Current read aloud....still reading "Princess and the Goblin" but I wanted to share this from Chapter 12

"Mrs. Peterson was such a nice good mother!  All mothers are nice and good more or less, but Mrs. Peterson was nice and good all more and no less.  She made and kept a little heaven in that poor cottage on the high hillside - for her husband and son to go home to out of the low and rather deary earth in which they worked.  I doubt if the princess was very much happier even in the arms of her huge great-grandmother than Peter and Curdie were in the arms of Mrs. Peterson.  True, her hands were hard and chapped and large, but it was with work for them; and therefore, in the sight of the angels, her hands were so much the more beautiful."

I am hoping...the little maple leaf butter pats we made for Thanksgiving will come out of their molds easily.

I am listening to.....a froggy, throaty sounding voice coming from older son.  Oh dear.

One of my favorite things....The Splendid Table

Around the house.... fixing up the Festival Table for Thanksgiving.

Living the liturgical year....Viva Christos Rey!  

One more picture to share....

It's a big world out there!

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