Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hosted by Ginny at Small Things

One of the items Katie and I are stitching for an upcoming craft fair is kittens!  But this mama cat and her babies are destined for California as a present for my niece.  I am just deciding whether to put faces on them or not.  I think they are sweet just as they are.

The pattern I am using is from The Children's Year.  I was given this book by neighbor when my oldest was just about 15 months old.  It has inspired me to create many things for my children over the years.  The link shows a book that looks a little different than mine but hopefully the content is similar.

The book I am reading in my sparse spare moments is Aurlia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet.  I actually think it has turned out to be the perfect book for this time of year when the splendor of October colors has faded to the browns and greys of November.  I am not too far along but it is an enjoyable read.


Elisa said...

That book looks great. I've been wanting to knit/make more playthings for the kids. I just don't like those plastic toys! Those kitties are ADORABLE!!

Tara said...

Those kittens have been on my to-do list. Very cute!

Ginny said...

I will have to make those kittens!!! I have the book with the pattern-yay!

Meredith said...

Adorable kitties, I like them without faces, but they would be cute with as well :) Book does look good.