Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I think I managed the cute yarn along button and started a new project!

Can I tell you a secret?   I have long harbored this fear of both knitting instructions and circular needles.  I would open a book of knitting patterns, look at all those seemingly strange nonsensical  symbols, shudder a bit, and close the book.  If still wanted to knit I would go back to knitting some variation of a square.

Circular needles hearken back to memories of my grandmother knitting.  My mind could grasp the idea of two needles but a circle?  Huh?  That is until I found this -

Can you imagine how silly I feel now that I know how easy it is to get started?   I ventured up into the attic to retrieve a very old red paisley zippered bag that my mother had given me several years ago.  She was cleaning out my grandmother's closet and thought I might find something in there of use.  Honestly, I did open it, but when one look at those strange contents brought on a shudder I zipped it back up and put the whole bag in the attic.  Because that is what I do - I put things I might need in the attic, you know, for later...when I need them.  My attic is scary.  It is instances like these that reinforce my habit of squirreling things away.....after all....look what I found when by some miracle I actually located the red paisley bag....

Metal needles are not my preference, eventually I may start to update these needles with bamboo - but I was so happy to have all I needed to get started.

I found Men in Knits at the library and was pleasantly surprised to find each of patterns sized for boys too.  Here I have in the works what will be a Hyland Argyle Vest.  I am very excited, I will accomplish 3 knitting goals if I manage this - a boys vest, something with a pattern, and knitting with circular needles!  Added bonus - I am getting over my fear of knitting instructions.

As far as reading goes, I'll share an impulse buy for my amazon kindle - Living with Contradiction by Esther de Waal, I've only just started it but can I share this little bit....

"When a novice enters the monastic community and lays the vows on the altar, the prayer is always 
Susicpe me, accept me, O Lord.  These are wonderful words that I too can come back to, time and again, as a prayer for myself: accept me, O Lord, just as I am, in my frailty, my inadequacy, my contradictions, my confusion.  Accept me in my complexity, with all those discordant currents that pull me in so many directions.  Accept all of this, and help me so to live with what I am that what I am may become my way to God."


Swanski said...

I cannot imagine my knitting without circulars..and I started out on straight needles. I also love metal and know I am the odd one. Have fun knitting!!

Lori ann said...

good for you! you can do it, it really isn't complicated, now your finding out. :)

the newer metal needles are really lightweight and comfortable. finding which type makes you happy is part of the fun.
happy knitting!