Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yarn Along

So nice to put yarn on a new pair of needles.  This year I am determined to set some knitting goals for 2012! 

I am starting with a hat for myself but this year but I would like to break new ground - so in no particular order -

Knitting goals 2012!

Some kind of patterned something - I am eyeing the mittens in the book, Folk Mittens, you see above that I just borrowed from the library - might be a little too scary for my next project though, we'll see.

Knit a vest - a simple boy's vest (maybe two, I do have two boys).

Learn to use circular needles.

Knit a shrug for my teen girls (there are two of them too!)

Some kind of shawl for me.

Attempt to learn a cable stitch. 

And if I really get brave - a sweater for hubby. 

Ambitious?  Doable? At this point I have no idea but it's always good to have a plan, right?

As far as reading goes, I am enjoying my new Kindle Fire, I feel so *current*, you know up-to-date.  I NEVER feel like that.  It's weird.  But on my Kindle I am reading "The Man Who Was Thursday, a nightmare" by G.K. Chesterton.  So far so good.  I am still learning the ins and outs of downloading things but I really like it so far.  I can also sit, all warm and cozy with a cup of tea and read my favorite blogs - like the Yarn Along at Small Things with Ginny!

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Serena said...

Great list of goals for the year. Finding the perfect boys vest pattern is something I'm hoping for. I'd love to find a simple v neck that uses a chunky yarn. Learning to do a cable is another goal we have in common. Good luck achieving your goals and happy knitting!