Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn along

I did it! I finished something - I have a winter hat just in time for more cold temperatures.

Not the greatest picture.  But it does have a little something new to me - there are decorative rows of seed stitches in the blue.  A new stitch!  And it wasn't even on my list of knitting goals.  It does have a seam since I used straight needles but I just put it on with the seam to the back.  Perhaps by the time I do my next hat I will have braved those circular needles.

Oh - and about that list of knitting goals - I shared it with my 15 year-old daughter and she said "What?  You mean you want to make all these things before you die?"  Sheesh - so maybe a year is unrealistic but goodness I hope I have enough years in me to get my list done and more!

Now I have to decide what I will do next.....hmmm.  I did buy a small set of cable needles - anyone know of any good videos that show the cable stitch?  My grandmother knitted cables; it is times like these that I miss her.  I remember when I asked her who taught her how to knit she said to me,  "What do you mean who taught me?  I got a book out of the library and followed the directions."   Easy, right? 

Somehow after the Christmas break, the boys and I got out of our habit of a read-aloud together.  We had started Coot Club by Arthur Ransome quite a while ago but for whatever reason it got put aside.  We've found where we left off and are happy to join Dorthea and Dick as they learn how to sail!

Now I'll go check all the other goodies at the Yarn Along with Ginny.  She has a new button.   Which will take me longer, installing the button or learning the cable stitch?


Swanski said...

I love your enthusiasm in learning to knit! You will be able to tackle anything. It's amazing what you can find on the internet. Love the hat and the ribbing detail is fantastic!!

Lori ann said...

cables! for sure they are easier, you can do them!