Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Taking Tea

I am joining Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight in taking time to have a cup of tea each afternoon.  I have been inspired by Dawn's blog for years now.  I have several new habits I am trying to cultivate and having a cup of tea instead of coffee in the afternoon is one of them.  My sister gave me a lovely little tea box and a collection of Bigelow teas for Christmas.  I still need a bit of caffeine in the afternoon so today's cup was "Constant Comment" which is a black tea with a bit of orange and spice - very nice.   My mug was from my daughter, a little gift brought back from her trip to England and France.  The mug is from the Normandy area and I thought I would pull a few pictures from her time in France.  We'll first go to The Cathedral of Rouen -

Katie especially liked the story about the Butter tower which you see in this picture on the left.  During Lent, butter was one of the foods one would fast from but you could choose to pay a "butter tax" if you really wanted your butter during Lent.   The proceeds from that "tax" went to build this tower.  Katie referred to this Cathedral as the "small one" when compared to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris - but, oh my, look how large....

Next stop the American Cemetery at Normandy

This was the site of one of the five concerts they did while on Tour. And finally we'll stop off in Paris!  

One of these days, I will have to pull out all of our old  Madeline books that we have from my childhood and see how many places Katie might have seen.  Here she is at top of the Eiffel Tower!

Gosh now I am in the mood for Sabrina, hmmm.....but which one, Humphrey Bogart or Harrison Ford - happy decisions.

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Dawn said...

Donna, what beautiful pictures! Thank you for the link and the very kind words. I'm so glad you said hello. :)

~ Dawn