Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taking Tea

Today, my afternoon "tea" was a cup of  Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Cocoa and a "clementine" orange.  It was nice to come in and have some cocoa after being outdoors and working hard.   I am trying again - my outdoor hour.  I think it would help my mood, my vitamin D levels, and certainly our yard if I could get myself to spend an hour outdoors each day.   Our backyard has so much potential but right now is a complete disaster.   Especially while there is no snow on the ground, I want to try to get out there and do some sprucing up.

I started with raking the remaining leaves in our driveway.  Beside leaves I found feathers.

The feathers must have been from a blue jay; there were quite a few.  There was no body (thank goodness) which I suppose means one of two things - the blue jay got away or it was consumed by some other animal - hopefully not by one of our cats.

Speaking of  "cats", my mug today is a temporary visitor.  My sweet husband brings home dishes - he thinks they are ours - this mug definitely is not.  This one must have come home from the counseling center where Ed works part time on a couple of evenings each week.  It says "What people really need is a good listening to." - Mary Lou Casey.  So true.  I will send it back - maybe with a package of cocoa inside?

While I was sipping away, Aidan was next to me reading Volume 2 of the TinTin series.  Both my boys love these books.  My mom started with two of the volumes for Christian's birthday back in November.   She began with Volumes III and IV after finding out those had the most content that related to the movie.  Between Aunt Laura and Nana we now have the first six volumes.   Spontaneous boy giggles are just the best!

The funniest thing about this series was that I had never heard of it until it was mentioned on one of homeschooling groups I check in with (I can't remember which one)  - I thought I had found this great new thing.  Both Christian and my oldest daughter exclaimed with delight when they saw the first books - both had seen parts of the series at two *different* friends' homes.  

Now I'll go see if Dawn has a Tuesday Tea time post up at By Sun and Candlelight.

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