Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

This is probably the latest we have ever decorated our "inside" tree.  I  made a bit of a blunder - I had forgotten that last year I had purged nearly all of our Christmas lights.  The strands that were left would not light - I tried - I switched countless bulbs and little fuses to no avail.  Ed was out last night to take Hannah to bagpipe practice - yes - three days before Christmas and they still had practice - and offered to get me new lights (among all the other things he had on his list).

And he tried - he could tell which of the wide open empty shelves once displayed Christmas lights.  There was evidence of a stray little bulb here and there but aside from neon green and blue rope lights there was nothing. 

I am glad that we do have our candles for the tree and without the electric lights I might just summon up a bit more will to light the candles.  Usually we unplug the tree and try to light the candles on the Christmas tree each night of the 12 days of Christmas.  Some years this actually happens more times than others - this year I hope it will happen more often than not.

Maybe, just maybe, the children won't even miss the electric lights and I will never again lose an entire day plugging and unplugging wee little bulbs and rethreading burnt out ones.  One can only hope.

Even without lights the tree  still looks pretty.

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