Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Soup so hot!

A song that we've been singing since a Thanksgiving Tea with friends is "When I First Came to this Land" - it's one of those fun songs that lends itself to creating your own verses.  Aidan and I made up several new verses inluding

When I first came to this land
I was not a weathy man, so I got myself a pot
I did what I could
And I called my pot, soup so hot
But the land was sweet and good...

Believe me - there is nothing quite so comforting on a chilly day like a warm bowl of homemade soup.  The above is my oldest daughter's speciality.  She made it for us today while the rest of us were running errands this morning.  Post office, dry cleaners, department store.  Have you been shopping for bras lately?  Very scary.  Shopping for bras with two rascally boys in tow - even scarier.   Then off to violin lesson.  By the time we got back for lunch we were all in need of a little comfort.

Our favorite soup

Take a quantity of homemade stock (turkey stock this time - gotta love Thanksgiving - it's the holiday that keeps giving us great meals!)
Peel and thinly slice 3-4 carrots
Peel and dice a couple of potatoes (optional - there is a great debate in our house now whether this is a worthy addition to the soup )
Noodles - sometimes we use ABC's or little stars or broken up angel hair - something pretty quick cooking.
Cooked , cubed  turkey ( or chicken)
About 1/2 lb of a leafy greens such as spinach, swiss chard, kale etc... rinsed and cut into thin strips.  We do not recomend boc choy though - it gave the soup a very strong almost lemony flavor - but not quite - blech.

Begin to heat stock while you take care of carrots - add carrots first and then potatoe and simmer until just about tender, add noodles when noodles are just about done add tthe turkey and lastly the greens which need just a couple of minutes(until wilted).   Ladle in bowls - serve with crackers.  Yum.  This is our go to soup for comfort or a cure when feeling under the weather.

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