Saturday, December 12, 2009

St. Nicholas Feast on the go.

St. Nicholas Eve was a late night - the girls had a late Holiday Concert with their choir (which was wonderful - more about that in another post).    It was well past the boys' bedtime when we arrived home that night.  The boys were up - it was a scramble to find the Santa letters that were worked on during the week.  But we found them and quick found Papa's dress shoes and then off to bed.  Usually St. Nicholas morning means a leisurely breakfast and extra time snuggled in bed reading stories of St. Nicholas.  Not this year - the girls and I had to rush out to get to the 8:00am Mass, then home for a quick breakfast.  Hannah and her dad were out the door the annual Senior Citizen Prom and Katie and I were making sure everything was set for her violin concert. 

Since we missed our usual snuggle time - I packed up everything we needed for the boys - two clipboards with coloring pages and plenty of tales of St. Nicholas.

Here is one with St. Nicholas on his horse.  St Nicholas on a horse  is mentioned in the story found in this little volume it can also be found here.  This is the story we tell every year - we may include other stories as well but this one is a must!  I also found a coloring page of a ship.

Here is a nice one that shows St. Nicholas carrying a bag of gold which went very nicely with "The Story of Bella, Sophia, and the Little Bonita" from The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book .  *I do edit this story slightly but it is lovely and also went so well with our sweets tht St. Nichoals left in the childrens' shoes this year along with the usual nuts and grapefruit.  Don't they look like gold coins?  Close enough and they are so good!!  I think more will find their way into Christmas stockings this year!

For coloring on the go I like to sharpen a bunch of colored pencils and we like these crayons.

Since Katie had to be at the concert 45 minutes early, the boys and I had plenty of time for stories, coloring, multiple trips to the drinking fountain (mental note to self - do not leave house without WATER) and the bathroom before the concert began.  The boys made it through the Suzuki strings, Rocking Strings and the Prepatory Orchestra - all of which Katie played and which was about all the sitting the boys could take.

Katie - 2nd child in the middle row - she did geat!

The music was beautiful, I hope St. Nicholas was listening.

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